My love affair with makeup began with my love affair with colors - the splendor of colors found in nature coupled with the various textures and tones of my beautiful sisters and brothers from all over the globe and all walks of life. As an artist born to artists, I was exposed early to the amazing world of artistry to include photography, sewing, and painting and soon thereafter, makeup. Equally, I was reared in a community that celebrated natural beauty as well as raw talent. Thus, once I decided to marry my fondness for makeup and natural beauty to my raw talent and had obtained the appropriate certifications, I launched Asha K Artistry. Upon launching Asha K Artistry, I further realized that my approach to makeup was similar to that of a painter in that every stroke of the brush was a building block to enhancing another’s existing beauty.

I am Asha K. and I am a gifted artist with 8 years of experience, certifications and quality assurance and I serve to create the perfect portrait, which is YOU.

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Fun Facts About Me!

• Dancing is LIFE, especially Soca and Dance Hall/Reggae
• Favorite Color - Purple
• Favorite Movie Genre - Romantic Comedies
• I enjoy all things art (sewing, crochet, knitting, photography, painting walls and canvases)
• Favorite Decade - 90s for its fashion “SWAG” and good vibrations
• Love sitting by bodies of water. I find it very calming.
• I am a “FOODIE.” By the age of 5, my father and I ate the same sized portions.
• Above all, I love my handsome and hilarious son


Asha was the makeup artist for our wedding party of 5+. Asha arrived early, set up her station, consulted each client to ensure they received their desired look, and she completed the entire group in a small window of time. We laughed, we took pictures, and we looked flawless at the wedding. Asha is officially our go to makeup artist for any event and we highly recommend her. Her personality and professionalism mixed with her talent are a delight to have. 

— Ameena K.